Saturday, June 22, 2013


* Chaos and Middle East Wars! The Middle East is ablaze even without a declared war!

* Netanyahu: Iran seeks nuclear arsenal of 200 bombs Iran seeks to build an arsenal of 200 atomic bombs, Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu warned.

* Iran to deploy '4000-strong force' to Syria as US military set to stay in Jordan Iran will deploy 4,000 Revolutionary Guards to Syria to bolster Damascus against a mostly Sunni-led insurgency.

* Israel used Palestinian minors as human shields, detain and torture - UN Thousands of Palestinian children were systematically injured, tortured and used as human shields by Israel, the UN Committee on the Rights of the Child reported.

* Leaders in Arab states face new 'people power' As sanitation workers descended Sunday on Istanbul's newly emptied Taksim Square, the debris, barricades, gas canisters and burned vehicles they faced loomed as monuments to a clash of wills and generations.

* Putin slams West for plan to arm Syrian rebels Russian President Vladimir Putin warned the West on Friday against arming the Syrian rebels.

* Jordan hosts 900 US troops to shield against Syria Jordan's prime minister says the country is hosting 900 U.S. military personnel to bolster its defense capabilities.

* 100,000 Morsi backers stage show of force in Egypt More than 100,000 supporters of Egypt's Islamist president staged a show of force Friday.

* Arab World: Will Egypt's Morsi weather the storm? With mass demonstrations scheduled for June 30, a new poll has shown that the popularity of Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi has dropped from 57 percent.

* Apocalyptic Floods Hit India, Over 1000 Dead Early monsoon rains have swept northern India, causing floods and landslides, killing at least 600 and leaving tens of thousands missing.