Monday, November 07, 2016


Netanyahu Addresses the Upcoming US Elections Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has long been criticized for interfering in American politics.

Online anti-Semitism surges during campaign season Anti-Semitic rhetoric on the rise online, as vitriolic statements become more vile and more violent during 2016 election season.

Arab World indifferent to US elections: Clinton is 'bad,' Trump is 'worse' It's only natural to assume that the rulers of the Arab and Muslim world will sit glued to their TV screens and closely follow the results of the elections in the US. Yet.

ISIS calls on supporters to "slaughter" American Presidential election voters on Tuesday ISIS has called for the "slaughter" of Americans voting in Tuesday's Presidential election.

The US votes amid split FBI, dented nat security  In the wake of America's elections on Nov. 8, its leading law enforcement agency the FBI (along with its national media) face painful scrutiny over the FBI director James Comey's five months of public decisions.

Knesset defense panel to meet with Russian counterparts in Moscow MKs plan to discuss Russia's increased involvement in the Mideast and the need for the IDF and Russian forces in Syria to coordinate closely.

Mosul battle: Kurdish forces push into IS-held Bashiqa Iraqi Kurdish forces have fought their way into a town held by Islamic State militants north-east of Mosul.

Hamas still operating in Turkey Hamas still operating in Turkey, receiving Turkish assistance despite reconciliation deal; Israel ignores violation of agreements.

Assad: The West is growing weaker Syrian President claims Western powers are "becoming much weaker" in Syria, praises Russia.

May warns parliament not to block Brexit British prime minister Theresa May has warned MPs not to block the UK's exit from the European Union and said her government will challenge a court decision requiring parliament's approval for starting the Brexit process.