Saturday, November 21, 2020


 Israelis to UAE: Recognize Jewish Worship Rights on Temple Mount As more Arab countries normalize relations with Israel, more Muslim Arabs are calling for Israel to take control away from the Palestinian Waqf.

Tensions spike with Tehran’s threat of revenge after IDF hits al Qods assets in Syria The IDF exposed the secretive Iranian al Qods Unit 840 operating in Syria on Thursday, Nov. 19, while drawing a threat from Tehran to “enemies and terrorists” of a :harsh revenge” for their “crimes against the Iranian nation.

Israel, Bahrain cement new ties with pledges of embassies and visas Bahrain and Israel said on Wednesday they would open embassies, establish online visa systems and launch weekly flights between the countries soon, in a broadened cooperation promoted by Washington as an economic boon and means of isolating Iran.

Trump’s aides held him back from a strike on Iran’s nuclear site in his last days of office – report President Donald Trump asked his top security aides for options to strike Iran’s main nuclear facility in his last days of office, according to a New York Times report on Monday, Nov. 17.

Iran warns of ‘crushing response’ after Trump said to mull strikes on nuke sites Threat follows NY Times report that US president last week weighed military options, but was dissuaded by aides; Pompeo, present at those talks, to arrive in Israel on Wednesday.

Trump’s core righteousness shines through Pompeo's anti-BDS and pro-Jews in Yesha speech For no conceivable political gain, post-elections, Trump sent Mike Pompeo, to the Mideast with special tasks.And now Pollard. Op-ed.

Iran’s Army May be Huge, but the IRGC is Tehran’s Real Power Broker Much like China’s army in the 1980s, the Iranian Army and other ground forces are large but poorly armed.

Palestinian, Islamic organizations played crucial role in Biden victory, US polls show Polls confirm that 70% of Arab and Muslim voters, including 80,000 Americans of Arab descent in Michigan, supported Biden.

Arabs Warn Biden: Do Not Embrace Islamists In a clear message directed to a possible US administration under Joe Biden, Saudi Arabia and Egypt have warned against supporting the Muslim Brotherhood organization.

Where is the EU aid to the Palestinian Authority going? In May 2020, Palestinian Authority Chairman, Mahmoud Abbas, declared that the PA and the PLO no longer see themselves bound by the agreements signed with Israel.

Saudis Alarmed At Prospect of Biden Rejoining the Iran Deal In May 2020, Palestinian Authority Chairman, Mahmoud Abbas, declared that the PA and the PLO no longer see themselves Israel and Saudi Arabia are the two countries most threatened by Iran, and both have been well-pleased with President Trump’s withdrawal in 2018 from the nuclear deal with Iran and the imposition of crippling sanctions on the Islamic Republic, that have helped to bring that country economically to its knees.

Sea change: Building a naval base in Sudan is the first crucial step in restoring Russia’s maritime power The Russian fleet needs a well-developed system of overseas military bases. Its planned logistics center on Sudan’s Red Sea coast is the first step – but one of exceptional significance.

Saudi Media Exposes Palestinian Lie: Al Aqsa Mosque Isn't on Temple Mount A Saudi Arabian journalist published an article in a prominent Saudi newspaper describing the historical roots of that the myth that the Temple Mount in Jerusalem is the third holiest site in Islam.