Monday, October 29, 2012


Tunisian Leader Planning Slow Islamist Takeover Hidden camera video shows Rashid al-Ghannushi advising Salafists on taking control of state.

First flight in last Ethiopian aliya lands in Israel Operation Dove's Wings will bring remaining Ethiopians to Israel by March 2014, first flight to bring 240 to Israel.

Israel dismisses Iran's boast that it has drones more advanced than the one it sent this month UAV experts here also reject Tehran's claim to have copied US technology.

Rivlin at Knesset's Rabin memorial: Oslo is dead Netanyahu: All territory we left went to Iran; Barak: Bi-national state would kill Zionist enterprise.

Obama offered to reestablish full ties with Iran, Israeli paper reports Israel was told about and opposed president's diplomatic incentives package, initiated soon after he took office, and Iran rebuffed it, according to Maariv.

US army chief lands in Israel to oversee military drill US-Israel security partnership "deeper and stronger than recent years," says Barak after meeting with Martin Dempsey.

US tests Israeli-made weapons on pioneering drone ship Small inflatable vessel is the first weaponized naval drone tested by the US Navy.

On 17th anniversary of Rabin assassination, Netanyahu calls murder "one of the worst crimes of the new age" Israel remembers slain prime minister in ceremonies across the country.

Unfazed by pressure, Palestinians say they will go ahead with bid for UN recognition US and Israel have threatened diplomatic and economic sanctions if PA seeks nonmember state status; Jerusalem still mulling response.

Tens of Thousands Celebrate at Rachel's Tomb Tens of thousands of people arrived at Rachel's Tomb on Saturday night for the annual celebration of her life.