Monday, December 09, 2019


Russian fighter jets hindered Israel from striking military base in Syria: report Israel has carried out hundreds of strikes in Syria but generally refrains from commenting on them.

Likud, Blue and White agree on March 2 election date The two parties will begin on Monday to advance legislation required to set the election date.

Israeli FM: Bombing Iran to stop its nuclear program 'an option' Israel's top diplomat also chastised European leaders for not taking a more aggressive stand against Tehran.

Russian forces enter former Islamic State stronghold in Syria after U.S. pullback Russian forces have entered Raqqa, the former de facto capital of the Islamic State caliphate, in one of the starkest examples yet of how Moscow has filled the vacuum created by President Donald Trump's decision to pull U.S. forces from northern Syria.

Puppet Show In Middle-East: Iran Is Pulling The Strings, Has Missiles Pointed At US Troops From Iraq Rising tensions between Tehran and Washington over the last couple of months have many people in the intelligence and defense communities on the edge of their seats.

Russia gains influence in Palestine at US expense Russian-Palestinian bilateral cooperation is progressing in the economic, trade and development fields.

Iran to Give Crushing Response to Any Israeli Aggression Spokesperson for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Islamic Republic of Iran has dismissed the Zionist regime's recent anti-Iran threats as a testimony to Israel's weakness.

Russia Could Create Problems In this Important Eastern European Country For almost two decades, Russia has been interfering in the domestic politics of other nations.

The Fate of Christians in the Current World Why should it be anti-Muslim or "Islamophobic" to write about the effects of jihad or the conservative Muslim treatment of unbelievers?

Watch: Muslim Waqf Chips Away at Temple Mount Increasing Pressure on Retaining Walls The Islamic Waqf announced on Sunday that renovation work has been resumed at the Al Marwani mosque, otherwise known as Solomon's Stables, in the Temple Mount.