Friday, April 12, 2019


Gantz calls Netanyahu to congratulate him; PM: We'll restore calm to Israel With results finalized, Blue and White leader, in extremely short conversation, tells Likud head 'we will continue to serve the citizens of Israel'.

Report: Rivlin to ask Netanyahu, Gantz, to form unity government Before meeting with party heads, Rivlin to ask PM Netanyahu, Blue and White leader Benny Gantz, to form unity government, source says.

Kotel Politics The Western Wall, outside Judaism's holiest site the Temple Mount, has long been held hostage by the intersection of political interests.

ANALYSIS: Turkey's Erdogan is in real trouble Erdogan, whose party lost Turkey's internal elections, insists on purchase of Russian S-400 missiles, may find itself eased out of NATO.

We'll go to RUSSIA! Turkey issues Trump with DIRE fighter jet warning Turkey has threatened to buy even more Russian jets if President Donald Trump continues his pledge to halt the sale of US-made F-35 stealth fighters.

US lets 3 NATO allies use Russian SAMs, but why is it so spooked over Turkey's S-400 deal? For years, three NATO states have had no trouble using Russian air defense systems, but Turkey's S-400 deal is a special case as it's a risk to the US grip on Ankara and inflicts losses on its military industry, analysts told RT.

Brexit black hole: Divorce implosion, deal, or election? The United Kingdom now has until Oct. 31 to leave the European Union but the British political elite is still squabbling over how, when or if to Brexit.

Iran Restarts Advanced Nuclear Work Iranian leaders have authorized and begun spinning a set of advanced nuclear centrifuges to mark the country's Iran National Nuclear Day, which leaders said is in honor "of all the jihadi efforts of our country's nuclear industrialists."

Qatar: 'A Wolf in Sheep's Clothing' "We have been reporting Doha's ideological and religious penetration for years. In the form of investments and financial operations, Qatar extends its proselytizing network every day, with serious damage to European societies..." - Souad Sbai, the Moroccan-born president of Italy's Averroes Studies Center.

Beresheet may have crashed, but for a moment we raised our eyes to the heavens While the Israeli spacecraft didn't land on the moon, it did remind us to look beyond the borders of our own small worlds and let our imaginations soar.