Thursday, May 05, 2011


* Van Rompuy: Europeans too depressed to be innovative If Europe is to remain relevant as an innovative economy, people need to be more positive and entrepreneurial and not let themselves be depressed by the economic crisis.

* Netanyahu in Britain, Hears Threats to Recognize PA State Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu is paying an official, three-day visit to Britain and France – whose leaders are now said to be threatening to recognize a Palestinian state.

* Netanyahu, Obama to discuss Palestinian statehood The White House announced Thursday that US President Barack Obama and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will meet in Washington on May 20.

* Libya: Contact group creates fund for rebels The international contact group on Libya has agreed to create a temporary fund to assist rebel groups, during talks in Rome.

* Unrest Around the Arab World Endangers Turkey's Newfound Influence Turkey faces a growing challenge from the tumult sweeping the Arab world to its booming economic stake in the region.

* Netanyahu believes Sarkozy is committed to Israeli demands Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu left the office of French President Nicolas Sarkozy believing he had secured his commitment to not accept a Palestinian government that supports terror.

* Syria protests: Rights group warns of 'Deraa massacre' A Syrian human rights group has accused the government of carrying out "10 days of massacres" against protesters in the southern city of Deraa.

* Thoughts for Israel's Independence Day Given its many problems, why is Israel so happy? Why is it among the happiest, most thriving, most creative countries of the world?

* Independence Day Links and Videos Israel's 63rd Independence Day will be celebrated this year on Tuesday, May 10, 2011.

* PM: With bin Laden gone, Khamenei biggest peace threat Iranian Supreme leader Ayatollah Khamenei is a fanatic and the biggest threat to world peace now that Osama bin Laden has been killed.