Tuesday, May 25, 2021


 Debate over the Israel-Palestine issue has changed forever, but here’s why the fabled ‘two-state solution’ is no solution at all The recent fighting has revealed two new realities: the US’s once-automatic backing of Israel is fraying, and the much-parroted resolution for the conflict is a non-starter.

Israel will act to counter Iranian nuclear threat without US - Netanyahu "With or without an agreement, we will do everything to prevent Iran from arming itself with a nuclear weapon, because that is our existence."

Israeli Parliamentarian Calls on Jews: Go Up to Temple Mount Freshmen Israeli Knesset member Simcha Rothman visited the Temple Mount on Thursday.

Blinken in Israel to push for stabilizing Gaza ceasefire Secretary of State Tony Blinken landed in Israel on Tuesday, the first stop on his first trip to the Middle East since assuming office.

Don’t Withdraw U.S. Forces from the Middle East As Iranian-backed terrorist groups lob rockets into Israel and the Biden administration withdraws all U.S. forces from Afghanistan, those clamoring for all American forces to be brought back home from the greater Middle East need a dose of realism.

Much of Gaza lies in ruins yet Hamas claims "Victory" The world’s leading state-sponsor of terrorism was credited with supplying arms and cash to Hamas.

Iran approves hardliner for presidential polls, bars several hopefuls Iran’s election watchdog has approved the candidacy of hardline judiciary chief Ebrahim Raisi in next month’s presidential election, state TV said on Tuesday, while disqualifying some of his main rivals including former parliament speaker Ali Larijani.

Even with a Deal, the Mullahs Will Pursue Nukes It is important to expect that whatever the deal, the Iranian regime will continue to pursue its nuclear ambitions and clandestine nuclear activities: there are historical precedents for it.

Russia warns Turkey over ties with Ukraine Russia's foreign minister on Monday warned Turkey against what he said were attempts to fuel "militaristic sentiment" in Ukraine after Ankara moved to boost cooperation with Kyiv.

Support for Israel among young US evangelical Christians drops sharply — survey Since 2018, backing for Israel dropped from 75% to 33%; nearly half of evangelicals aged 18-29 say they favor establishment of Palestinian state, voted for Biden over Trump.