Monday, July 01, 2013


Egyptian army to Morsi: You have 48 hours to compromise Chief of staff in ultimatum to Egyptian president and politicians, says if demands of people are not realized within two days, army will announce a road map for the future; Morsi says met with army chief after statement.

Kerry fails in bid for Israeli-Palestinian summit US Secretary of State John Kerry is currently on the last leg of his latest round of Middle East shuttle diplomacy, and looks to have fared no better than in his previous visits.

Abbas: Israel trying to rebuild Jewish Temple! Once again demonstrating his penchant for theatrics, Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas last month made an impassioned call to the Arab world to stop the insidious Jewish plot to rebuilt the Jewish Temple in its historic location - Jerusalem's Temple Mount.

Croatia becomes 28th EU member state Croatia became the 28th member of the European Union at midnight Sunday (1 July), a decade after it started the process and less than 20 years after the end of its war of independence from Yugoslavia.

Egyptian tanks said to mass on Gaza-Sinai border 'First time in years' heavy armor has been deployed in the area, report says.

Rabbi on DOMA Ruling, Morality and Israel Rabbi: DOMA ruling may have been reasonable, but blurring the lines is dangerous. Israel must take particular care.

Saudi Arabia to EU: Arm Syrian rebels Saudi Foreign Minister Prince Saud al-Faisal allegedly slams Assad's "illegitimate regime."

New Book Finds Ties Between Nazis and Hollywood Hollywood's major studios not only accepted Nazi censorship, but collaborated with Hitler, finds new book.

For the Brotherhood, Morsi's fall would have a domino effect Keeping Egypt's president in power will send a message to the Arab world, but Islamists will face a tougher battle should the opposition begin labor sanctions.

EU capitals call on US to stop 'unacceptable' spying Paris, Berlin and Brussels on Monday (1 July) denounced the alleged bugging of EU offices by the US as "unacceptable" and reminiscent of the Cold War, warning that if the media stories prove true, transatlantic trade talks will not continue.