Monday, October 29, 2018


Watch: Jerusalem and Tel Aviv stand with Pittsburgh The vigils were held in Jerusalem's Zion Square and Tel Aviv's Rabin Square.

Gunman due in court as harrowing tales emerge from synagogue massacre Authorities use recollections of survivors to piece together the movements of killer Robert Bowers at the Tree of Life Synagogue in Pittsburgh.

PA: Don't kill American Jews (only kill Israeli Jews) In an unusual move, the Palestinian Authority Ministry of Foreign Affairs condemned yesterday's murder of 11 Jews in the Tree of Life synagogue in Pittsburgh by the antisemite Robert Bowers.

World View: Islamic Jihad Agrees to Egypt-Sponsored Ceasefire in Gaza Islamic Jihad agrees to Egypt-sponsored ceasefire in Gaza after night of terror.

Israel's non-confrontational stance led to Hamas ransom demand Fork out $15m in cash per month to else face more missile and border attacks.

COMMENTARY: Sign of the Times As rockets and other explosives are rained upon Israel from enemies on their borders, anti-Semitic activity is also on the rise abroad.

Poll finds most Israelis see EU as a foe rather than a friend Russia considered most important country for Israel after the US, new survey finds; 41% don't want to visit any Arab country.

The Annihilation of Iraq's Christian Minority "I'm proud to be an Iraqi, I love my country. But my country is not proud that I'm part of it. What is happening to my people [Christians] is nothing other than genocide... Wake up!" - Father Douglas al-Bazi, Iraqi Catholic parish priest, Erbil.

Will Brazil be latest country to move embassy to Jerusalem? Brazil's president-elect vowed to move embassy to J'lem. Now, confidant says he will consider move - if it will promote Mideast peace.

Is South America Turning to the Third Temple To Solve Their Problems? Brazil's election of Jair Bolsonaro, a right-wing president, highlights a significant shift in thought, moving away from left-wing socialism while unabashedly embracing an approach to Christianity that supports Israel.