Saturday, September 07, 2019


Netanyahu’s Pilgrimage to Hebron: A Precursor to Reestablishing Davidic Dynasty in Jerusalem On Wednesday, Benjamin Netanyahu will become the first Israeli prime minister to deliver a public address in Hebron to commemorate the 90th anniversary of the 1929 Hebron massacre.

Edelstein: It's time for Israeli sovereignty in Hebron The Knesset speaker was visiting the city for a state ceremony to mark 90 years since the Hebron massacre in which 67 Jews were killed.

Lebanon's Aoun: Israel will bear 'consequences' of any attack Lebanon and Hezbollah last month accused Israel of launching a drone strike on its Beirut stronghold.

Will there be a US-Russia-Israel summit in Jerusalem before elections? Cabinet told trilateral meeting in the works, perhaps to take place before September 17 elections; event would highlight PM Netanyahu's diplomatic credibility.

Netanyahu says Jews will remain in Hebron ‘forever’ 'This official state ceremony in Hebron,' Edelstein concluded, 'is a step toward annexation'.

A First: Chief Rabbinate Looking into Biblical Justification for Jews to Pray on Temple Mount During their annual meeting the The Temple Headquarters organization noted that the police said that they are able to enforce and protect Jewish prayer on the Temple Mount reports Rotter.

Putin's missiles arrive in Turkey as Erdogan defies Trump – shock satellite pictures VLADIMIR PUTIN has completed a diplomatic victory over US President Donald Trump, as Russia's sophisticated S-400 anti-aircraft missiles have been pictured in Turkey for the first time – and appear to be fully operational.

Erdogan says Turkey should have nuclear weapons like Israel Turkish leader says fact his country is barred from having atomic bombs is unacceptable, says Israel is untouchable due to nuclear deterrent.

Pompeo to Lebanon: Get rid of 2nd Iranian missile factory or face US-backed Israeli attack DEBKAfile Exclusive: US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo warned Lebanon on Wednesday, Sept. 4, that Israel knows about a second, larger Iranian-Hizballah missile factory and is preparing to bomb it.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu meets UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson Johnson started the photo opportunity by saying that he wanted to discuss the two-state solution, while Netanyahu singled out Iran as the main subject of the meeting.