Wednesday, October 25, 2017


Expert: China Seeking Larger Economic, Military Footprint in Middle East WASHINGTON, DC - China is seeking to grow its economic and military footprint in the Middle East, an important source of energy and trade, a prominent Chinese professor said this week.

Hamas leader talks unity in rare call to Jordanian king Ismail Haniyeh speaks with Abdullah II, 3 days after the monarch said Palestinian reconciliation is important for peace process with Israel.

Our Taxpayer Funded Palesstinian Saddam Terror, lies and taxpayer money.

Thanks to Obama, America is two steps behind Iran in Middle East The fall of Raqqa, capital of the Islamic State's "caliphate" in Syria and Iraq, is unarguably an important politico-military milestone, albeit long overdue.

Warning issued: The Islamic State is training jihadis in Caribbean tourist hotspots The barbaric Islamic State (ISIS) will train jihadis in a Caribbean tourist hotspots when fighters are forced to return home from Syria and Iraq where the terror cult has been smashed.

China congress: No heir apparent as Xi reveals top leadership China has revealed its new senior leadership committee, breaking with tradition by not including a clear successor to President Xi Jinping.

Crown prince says Saudis want return to moderate Islam Saudi Arabia's Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman has said the return of "moderate Islam" is key to his plans to modernise the Gulf kingdom.

Iraqi Kurds offer to 'freeze' independence referendum result Iraq's autonomous Kurdistan Region has offered to "freeze" the result of September's referendum on independence and begin dialogue with Baghdad.

Netanyahu: World must take care of Kurds' future Praising Kurdish aspirations for independence, PM says Israel has 'great sympathy for their desires'.

Russia veto puts an end to Syria chemical weapons probe US Ambassador Nikki Haley says Moscow again siding 'with the dictators and terrorists who use these weapons'.