Friday, May 29, 2015


Islamists promise 'Kuffar blood' will spill at Phoenix "Draw Muhammad" contest Breitbart News previously reported that former Marine Jon Ritzheimer and fellow bikers will be holding a 'Draw Muhammad' contest Friday night at 6 p.m. Islamists now warn participants not to bring their children with them if they love them, promising blood spill if Muhammad is drawn.

Video Shows Turkey Smuggling Arms to Syrian Jihadists Images and video leaked of Turkish state intelligence shipping weapons to Syria; weapons allegedly Russian.

In al-Nusra Front's Syria, no room for religious minorities A rare interview with Islamist group leader Abu Mohammed al-Golani reveals the danger awaiting Syria's non-Muslim groups after Assad falls.

Arab Rioters Unveil New Weapon to Fight Security Forces Security forces called upon to disperse Palestinian riots in the Binyamin region discover a weapon other than rocks and firebombs.

In Ramallah, Abbas's top negotiator says they're running out of patience A day spent at the soccer club and with the security forces in the capital of the West Bank ends with a warning from Saeb Erekat.

Home Front Command drill simulating multiple-front conflict set to begin on Sunday Sirens to be sounded at 11:05 a.m. and 7:05 p.m. across the country.

Islamic State militants in Libya 'seize Sirte airport' Islamic State militants in Libya say they have seized the airport in the city of Sirte, as the group continues to make advances in the country.

Isis in Palmyra: Civilians forced to watch execution of 20 men at amphitheatre Isis rounded up civilians trapped in Palmyra and forced them to watch 20 people be executed in the historic city's ancient amphitheatre, a Syrian monitoring group has claimed.

Saudi Arabia Looks for New Executioners, Beginners Welcome Not Raqqa - Riyadh: Saudi government giving free training for aspiring executioners to carry out capital punishment under Sharia law.

* 'Not recognizing Israel as Jewish is anti-Semitic,' Pope says Francis also said to backtrack on statements attributed to him to the effect that Abbas is a "bit an angel of peace."