Monday, September 07, 2020


Report: Breakthrough made in Israel-Saudi talks toward normalization King Salman's opposition to the move makes it unlikely to be realized any time soon.

Will Saudi Arabia Be Next To Normalize Relations with Israel? Riyadh will benefit from Abu Dhabi’s boldness as a trailblazer. It will have the chance to gauge how the region and the Arab world react.

EU warns Serbia, Kosovo over Israel embassy move The European Union is warning Serbia and Kosovo that they could damage their hopes of joining the bloc if they move their Israeli embassies to Jerusalem.

One day of Hamas TV hate and terror messages: After weeks of Hamas launching incendiary devices and rockets into Israel, creating extensive fires in nature reserves and agricultural areas, a cease-fire was reached last week after Qatari Envoy Muhammad Al-Emadi with his 30 million dollar aid promised to continue Qatar’s monthly aid through the end of the year.

National Security Council discussed closure of Temple Mount to worshipers The Islamic Waqf has thus far been opposed to any closure.

The Effort to Dismantle the State of Israel Unlike other Western democracies, Israel has had to face the coronavirus crisis at a time when its social cohesion and governability have been weakened by a chain of processes and events over recent decades that were propelled by the values of progressive liberalism.

Hamas, Hezbollah Leaders Form ‘Jihad Brotherhood’ Against Israel, U.S. The leaders of the Hezbollah and Hamas terror groups met recently to discuss how to build a united front against Israel and counter normalization between the Jewish state and the Arab world.

DHS Combats Potential Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) Attack The disputes over the border have elevated tensions between the two enemy countries.

Why is China looking beyond Africa for oil supplies? Africa has been one of China’s major sources of oil over the last two decades but its share of the market is expected to decline as China looks to other suppliers, analysts say.

Iran: "American Soil is Now Within the Range of Iranian Bombs" Those who advocate pursuing a policy of appeasement toward the ruling mullahs as a means of changing the Iranian regime's behavior fail to understand that the more the international community will give the mullahs, the more Tehran will become belligerent and emboldened.