Saturday, January 28, 2017


Trump-Putin deal on Syria bears on Israel security  It would be a mistake to take it for granted that Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu's talks with President Donald Trump in Washington early next month will be plain sailing or produce an automatic shower of benefits for the Jewish state. 

On Holocaust remembrance day, warnings of rising xenophobia  UN secretary-general laments 'tragedy' of ongoing anti-Semitism, vows to be on 'front lines' of fight against hatred; German FM: "There can and should be no end to remembrance". 

Trump: 'No guarantee' on Russia relations  US President Donald Trump has said he wants a "great relationship" with Russia, but would not say if he would lift US sanctions against the country. 

Sanhedrin Blesses Trump, Calls on President to Uphold Seven Noahide Laws  In an ancient and honored Jewish custom, the nascent Sanhedrin sent a letter to the new leader of the U.S., President Donald Trump, blessing him and calling on him to take the lead in restoring America and the world. 

Is China Going To War? Nuclear Missiles Deployed To Russian Border, Kremlin Responds  The Chinese government reportedly deployed nuclear missiles to the Russia-China border in the northeast Heilongjiang province, an act Russian President Vladimir Putin's government described as a nonissue Tuesday, Russian and Chinese media reported. 

Netanyahu: Trump right about building wall, 'great success' in Israel  Writing in English on Twitter, PM says the recently built fence on Egypt border 'stopped all illegal immigration'. 

Iran vows to bar Americans in response to Trump's 'insulting' ban  Tehran slams decision to block its citizens from US as 'illegal, illogical and contrary to international rules'. 

Western navies said planning major drill off coast of Iran  A joint strike group of American, British and French forces will conduct exercise next week, reportedly including simulation of conflict with Tehran. 

Muslim travelers detained at US airports after Trump bans their entry  President imposes new controls on arrivals from Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria and Yemen. 

Germany Funds NGO Calling Holocaust 'Best Thing' to Happen to Jewish People  Ahead of International Holocaust Remembrance Day that will be marked worldwide on Friday, January 27, the Zionist organization Im Tirtzu released a new report documenting the German government's funding of Zochrot, an Israeli NGO that works to 'decolonize' Israel by promoting the 'right of return' for Palestinian refugees.