Monday, October 26, 2015


Deadly earthquake rocks Afghanistan and Pakistan More than 150 people have died, mostly in Pakistan, after a magnitude-7.5 earthquake hit north-eastern Afghanistan.

'We will turn you into body parts,' says Gaza preacher waving explosive vest Gaza preacher promised that the next terror attacks will include suicide missions that will 'turn [Israelis] into lifeless corpses and scattered body parts.'

Hamas chief: 'No power in the world' can stop 'intifada' Ismail Haniyeh says his group is ready in Gaza for united Palestinian strategy to protect uprising against Israel.

What happens if you type 'Death to Jews' into Google Maps? Users of Google Maps noticed Saturday night that upon typing "Death to the Jews" into the search bar on Google Maps, the program instantly redirected them to "The Temple Mount" in Jerusalem. 

Historian: The Mufti planned to burn Jews Dr. Edy Cohen of Bar-Ilan University says that Netanyahu's comments on the Mufti and the Holocaust have a basis in history.

Ya'alon: There is no West Bank settlement freeze "The Palestinians didn't come to the [negotiating] table even when we froze construction,"the defense minister said.

Israel developing app to call for help in event of terror attack Smartphone application is one of the ways in which the government is working to counter the current wave of terrorism.

German intel: Migrants will bring anti-Semitism German security agencies have raised pressing concerns about the wave of migrants entering the country.

As planets align, some see return of Jesus' Star of Bethlehem The rare convergence of Venus, Jupiter and Mars this week has some wondering if it's time to cue the magi.

A Positive Spin on Netanyahu's Blunder A gross overstating is the worst that can be said about Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's blaming the first "Palestinian" leader Haj Amin Al-Husseini for persuading Hitler to implement the "Final Solution to the Jewish Problem."