Friday, September 27, 2019


Israel general warns it is approaching 'level of war' with Iran as tensions rage Brigadier General Dror Shalom said 'we are starting to approach the level of war' and its "only a matter of time".

The IDF mulls pre-emptive strike to ward off planned Iranian attacks on the UAE and Israel "Israel's proven capacity to simultaneously perform multiple missions is about to be challenged as never before," said Binyamin Netanyahu on Thursday, Sept. 26, during a New Year's toast at the IDF General Staff forum.

Minister Katz at UN: 'No one can separate the Jewish People from their homeland' Foreign Minister Yisrael Katz addresses UN General Assembly: We must stop Iran today, in order to prevent war tomorrow.

EU warns Iran it may be forced to withdraw from nuclear deal EU warns it may have no choice if Iran takes further steps away from deal.

Khmeimim 2.0: Large-scale renovation at Russia's airbase in Syria protects jets & allows deployment of even MORE (PHOTOS) The Russian airbase in Syria has been boosted with hangars to shelter planes from drone attacks and a centralized fuel system, the Defense Ministry said.

Most Israelis want Orthodox parties out of government, survey says Sixty-nine percent of respondents also said that support for religious freedom was a significant factor in their vote last week.

Israel elections: Blue and White accuse Likud of trying to tank coalition talks Blue and White has repeatedly reiterated campaign vows not to sit in a gov't led by a PM facing indictment.

Vile Antisemitism on Fatah's Facebook Page Palestinian Media Watch has documented that Facebook has chosen to keep Fatah's Facebook page open despite the recurring terror promotion that Fatah posts.

Brexit talks resume amid growing EU pessimism over new deal Brexit Secretary Stephen Barclay is in Brussels for talks, amid growing EU pessimism over whether a new withdrawal deal can be agreed.

Number of Jews in Israel and Worldwide on the Rise - Reports Central Bureau of Statistics shows majority of Israelis are satisfied with their lives.