Tuesday, August 07, 2012


* Iran reaffirms 'unbreakable' alliance with Syria's Assad Iran assured Syrian President Bashar Assad on Tuesday that his country was a vital partner in its regional anti-Israeli alliance.

* Syria crisis: Iran pledges support for 'vital partner' During talks in Damascus, Saeed Jalili said Syria was an essential part of an "axis of resistance".

* Putin changes his mind again: Flotilla of warships may dock in Syria Russia, in yet another revision of naval exercise plans, says its warships could dock in Syria.

* Egyptian Fighter Jets in Sinai? Israel Says It isn't So The Egyptian military has stationed jet fighter planes at the El Arish airbase in Sinai following the combined terror attack Sunday.

* Jordan's Abdullah: Syria Chemical Weapons 'Scare Us All' King Abdullah II of Jordan expressed his concern over the situation in neighboring Syria.

* Rover shoots movie during descent Nasa has provided almost 300 thumbnails from a sequence of pictures that will eventually be run together as a colour hi-def movie.

* Nigeria church attack in Kogi state 'kills 19' At least 19 people have been killed in a gun attack on a church in central Nigeria, officials say.

* Egyptian Protesters Demand to End Ties with Israel Dozens of protesters demonstrated outside the residence of Israel's ambassador to Egypt in Cairo on Monday night.

* Fight for control of a Jerusalem neighborhood makes Time cover The clash between secular and ultra-Orthodox Israelis in a Jerusalem neighborhood has made the latest cover of Time magazine.

* Susita Site Yields Surprises The 13th year of Haifa University's archeological digs at the Susita site just east of the Sea of Galilee (Kinneret) has yielded several surprises.