Friday, September 12, 2014


ISIS Popularity Growing in Israel As the Islamic State (formerly ISIS) inches closer to Israel in its sweeping conquest of Iraq and Syria, the real threat is that the extremist movement will gain a large number of followers in the Holy Land long before its current warriors reach the borders of the Jewish state.

Shin Bet shuts Nazareth offices of Hamas-linked group Islamic organization reportedly monitors Jewish activity on Temple Mount, tries to prevent "Jewish domination" of compound.

Kerry in Turkey to boost support for anti-IS coalition US Secretary of State John Kerry is pressing Turkish leaders in Ankara to support more military action against Islamic State (IS) in Iraq and Syria.

Netanyahu: Fighting ISIS key, but don't forget Iran On the 13th anniversary of the September 11th attacks, PM warns of threat of radical Islamist terrorism threatening the region.

Syrian rebels: We 'will fight Islamic State so it cannot reach Golan' Syrian opposition forces operating near Israel border tell Israeli TV there will be "all-out war" against radical Islamist group in southern Syria without US ground invasion.

Friday afternoon prayers end with arrests on Temple Mount Several instances of rock-throwing come as police officials say violence is on the decline.

Report: Jordan to provide logistical support, training to Iraq US to send CIA officers to Jordan for security and intel coordination, reports Arab newspaper.

Anti-Semitic Attacks up 400% in UK, Double in France 529 anti-Semitic violent incidents in France in first seven months; 302 in UK in July alone.

Islamic State's financial independence poses quandary for its foes The group has formalized a system of internal financing that includes an Islamic form of taxation, looting and most significantly, oil sales, to run their 'state' effectively.

Israel likely to take a backseat in war against Islamic State Jerusalem's role will probably be defined by ability to provide rapid and precise intelligence support to the US-led military forces charged with making air strikes on Islamic State positions.