Tuesday, October 20, 2020


 Fatah: Let Jerusalem “be freed of the Jews” and prepare “the Jews’ graveyard” Abbas’ Fatah Movement recently posted a video with a song calling for Jerusalem “to be freed of the Jews.”

Iran Speaker Says Muslim Nations Should Unite Against 'Cruel' U.S. Sanctions The speaker of the Iranian parliament has called on Muslim nations to stand alongside Tehran in the face of what he described as "cruel and illegal" sanctions imposed by President Donald Trump's administration this month.

No Longer United Against Israel: The New Arab World The Arab states are no longer a single bloc opposing Israel but are divided into two coalitions. One is on Iran’s side; the other is against it.

Clash of the Titans? To think that a conflict over a rugged enclave in the South Caucasus was of little importance would be naive.

Muslims VS Muslims on Temple Mount: ‘Palestinians’ Blast Gulf Arabs for Visiting Holy Site The ‘Palestinian’ Authority’s ruling Fatah party expressed outrage following the visit of a delegation of Arabs from the UAE on Thursday to the Temple Mount.

North Korea’s New ICBM: Why the “Monster Missile” Matters From the author: First and foremost, it matters—along with the panoply of other missiles displayed in the parade—because it shows the progress North Korea continues to make on strategic weapons despite the effects of sanctions and Kim’s continuing restraint in ICBM flight testing.

France, Egypt join forces to reach settlement in Libya Observers are optimistic about the new initiative launched by Paris and Cairo to solve the Libyan crisis.

A Realpolitik Appraisal of Russia’s Motivations and Goals in Ukraine What explains Russian conduct in its former sphere of influence? The question is again important, as Belarus faces an uprising, and the question of Ukraine and Georgia joining NATO is back to the forefront.

Who Is Responsible for the 'Crisis' in Islam? Other Arabs said that Muslims have only themselves to blame for the "crisis" in their religion. They are referring to the use of Islam, by many Muslims, to carry out terrorist attacks and other atrocities against Muslims and non-Muslims.

With church visits and rallies, Trump and Biden target states they hope to flip Trump starts day in Las Vegas church before heading to fundraiser as he bids to turn Nevada red; Biden looks to reclaim North Carolina for Democrats for first time since 2008.