Friday, October 10, 2014


Kotel Rabbi: 'Temple Mount has Turned into a Terror Base' Temple Mount merely 'a platform for political struggle' for Arabs says rabbi of the Kotel, calling on world to condemn violence.

Police Prepare for Friday, Holiday Rioting on Temple Mount Arab men over the age of fifty banned entry from Judaism's holiest site, after Wednesday clashes left four wounded.

Report: 'Foreign country' behind Iran military center blast Kuwaiti report says that blast at Iran's Parchin military complex - rumored to be connected to Iran's alleged nuclear program - was perpetrated by a foreign country.

Europe at risk of 'huge number' of returning jihadist fighters The EU is planning to step up border checks and passport controls to counter the threat of returning jihadist fighters.

Up to 700 trapped in Syrian Kurdish town of Kobane, UN says The UN special envoy to Syria has warned that up to 700 people, mainly elderly, are still trapped in the Syrian border town of Kobane.

Christian Clerics to Europe: Recognize 'Palestine' Arab Catholic, Greek Orthodox and Lutheran prelates in Israel tell Europe to force through Arab state with Jerusalem as capital.

Could ISIS Target the West with Ebola? Military expert says infecting carriers with the virus is remarkably easy - and could be easy to weaponize.

Palestinian PM "weeps" in Gaza, vows to help rebuild it In unity government's first meeting in war-torn territory, Hamdallah reaches out to Gazans, says cooperation more important than disagreements.

US military planes arrive in Ebola hot zone British authorities to introduce "enhanced" screening of travelers at London airports and Eurostar train stations.

POLL: 58% WANT FLIGHTS FROM EBOLA COUNTRIES BANNED An NBC News poll released Thursday reveals an American public unhappy with the Obama Administration's response to the terrible Ebola outbreak in West Africa, and the potential for the same to occur here.