Friday, May 08, 2020


High Court Orders Netanyahu to Reveal if he Made a Secret Deal with Jordan over Temple Mount Following an emergency request to allow Jewish access to the Temple Mount, Israeli Supreme Court Justice Dafna Barak ordered the legislative branch of the government to respond to a petition filed by Temple Mount activists.

Netanyahu gets nod from Rivlin to form government, seemingly cementing rule Move comes after large Knesset majority - including rival-turned-ally Gantz - tells president it endorses Likud incumbent as prime minister; government to be sworn in next week.

Friedman to 'Post': We need to strengthen Israel-US ties with peace plan Diplomatic Affairs: Marking two years since the move of the embassy to Jerusalem, David Friedman talks about annexation, the peace process and rapprochement in the Gulf.

Poll shows majority of Israeli Jews against West Bank annexation Only 13% said they are satisfied with the current status quo.

Second Passover Reenactment Cancelled, Protest Held Against Possible Secret Deal Banishing Jews From Temple Mount While Muslims have free and exclusive access to the Temple Mount, a second attempt to hold a reenactment of the holiest Temple service of the year was canceled.

Have Russian Ambitions been Dented by Setbacks in Syria and Libya? April hasn't been a good month for Russia in the Middle East. In Libya, General Khalifa Haftar has been on the defensive following the UN-backed Tripoli government's advances, including the capture of several cities as well as hitting Haftar's armories and supply lines.

Does Turkey Need NATO's Help To Fight Off Russia In Syria? "The correlation of forces is decidedly against Russia in Syria."

China's Massive Trade Imbalance: The Rope with Which They Would Hang Us China's communist leadership quickly recognized that if the U.S. continued to demand economic reciprocity, China could easily lose its ability to claim solo superpower status for the remaining decades of the 21st Century.

Too early to tell if EU will continue to exist as it does today, historian says Kiran Klaus Patel, author of "Project Europe: A History," discusses the impact of the coronavirus crisis on the European Union.

Iraq will be hit harder by the oil price drop than by coronavirus or Isis The threat is so acute because the country's 38 million people are only just emerging from 40 years of crisis and war.