Saturday, October 14, 2017


Iran nuclear deal: Global powers stand by pact despite Trump threat  Global powers, including key US allies, have said they will stand by the Iran nuclear deal which US President Donald Trump has threatened to tear apart. 

Palestinian unity deal signed - but partial  The Egyptian-brokered deal hailed by Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas as "the end of the rift," is cautiously seen in Cairo as a partial resolution of the dispute between the Fatah and Hamas rival factions. 

Iraq conflict: Kurdish Peshmerga 'given deadline' in Kirkuk  Kurdish Peshmerga fighters say Iraq's central government has ordered them to surrender key military positions in the disputed city of Kirkuk within hours. 

Tensions Flare Between Kurds And Baghdad  The Iraqi government has signaled to the Kurds that it wouldn't accept any kind of secession. 

Trump terminates Iran appeasement, targets Rev Guards  US President Donald Trump unveiled a new US strategy for Iran, while outlining the Islamic Republic's 38-year record of violence since its 1979 coup. 

Eighty-Five Percent Of Raqqa Liberated From Isis  US-led coalition forces, Syrian rebels, and the Syrian military have slowly re-taken many of ISIS's strongholds over the last several months. 

Analysis: Turkey Plans Move To Box In Kurds In Northern Syria  Centrality of anti-Kurdish agenda illustrates extent to which Turks have abandoned any notion of 'regime change' in Syria. 

Jordan: Jews on Temple Mount are a 'provocation' to Muslims  Jordanian minister claims Jews visiting Temple Mount 'harm' Al-Aqsa mosque, 'provoke' Muslims around the world. 

Expert warns: If Trump scraps nuke deal, Iran could quickly build the bomb  US physicist Jeremy Bernstein says Pakistani proliferator A.Q. Khan likely sold a nuclear design to Tehran. Without the accord in place, he says, it could 'break out' very fast. 

US already "lit fuse of war," nuclear arms not subject to negotiations - N. Korea's FM  Pyongyang will not give up its nuclear program under any conditions, North Korea's Foreign Minister has emphasized, stating that the US has "lit the fuse of war" and that Washington should cease its hostile actions first.