Tuesday, October 16, 2012


* Netanyahu praises EU for bolstering sanctions against Iran Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu on Tuesday lauded the European Union on Tuesday for ramping up sanctions against Iran.

* U.S. Ambassador: Hizbullah Part of Assad's 'Killing Machine' Hizbullah is working to bolster Syrian President Bashar Assad's regime and its fighters are part of his "killing machine," the U.S. ambassador to the UN said.

* Rep. King: Al Qaeda a greater threat now than before 9/11 U.S. Rep. Peter T. King, New York Republican and Chairman of the House's Homeland Security Committee, said Tuesday that al Qaeda is a greater threat now than it was before the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001.

* 'Hezbollah military build-up could devastate region' Days after Hezbollah head Hassan Nasrallah took responsibility for the recent drone sent over Israel, Ambassador to the UN Ron Prosor warned the Security Council on Monday that "Hezbollah's continued provocation and military buildup could have devastating consequences for the region."

* China to Shoot at High Frontier China's military is set to conduct a test of a new and more capable anti-satellite missile that United States intelligence agencies say can knock out strategic satellites in high-earth orbit, according to U.S. officials.

* Will someone say, 'Holy War?' It was strange indeed to see the black flag of Islamic Jihad flying over the White House in Washington, DC.

* Hillary Clinton takes responsibility for Libya US deaths US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton says she takes responsibility for the security failure at the Benghazi consulate that led to the killing of four Americans in Libya last month.

* 'Gaza Terrorists Fired Missile at Israeli Aircraft' Last Week Terrorists in Hamas-controlled Gaza last week fired a missile, smuggled from Libya, at an Israeli aircraft but missed it, the Hebrew-language newspaper.

* New 'miniFlame' Virus Hits Iran Computers A new cyberespionage tool linked to the Flame virus has been infecting computers in Lebanon, Iran and elsewhere, security researchers said .

* New: Talk to Your iPhone - in Hebrew! Nuance Communications, the company behind the Dragon applications for iPhone, announced on Monday that it is launching its Dragon Dictation and Dragon Search in the Hebrew language.