Saturday, March 28, 2020


Will Coronavirus Slow The World's Conflicts -- Or Intensify Them? Syria, Libya, Yemen, Afghanistan, the Sahel... with the great powers focused intently on the COVID-19 virus, will armed conflicts across the world decrease in severity or intensify?

Add coronavirus to other crises, and the Middle East faces a catastrophe The “Arab Spring” is remembered as the most disruptive political event to shake the Middle East since the fall of the Ottoman Empire at the end of World War I.

Friends Or Enemies? Russia And Turkey Are Butting Heads Over Syria The death of 33 Turkish soldiers in an airstrike in Syria’s northwestern Idlib province on 27 February brought the number of Turkish fatalities in Syria to around 50 for the month.

Turkey and Coronavirus: Devout Muslims Will Defeat the “Jewish Plot” Turkey appears to be handling the coronavirus crisis relatively well, although its low case numbers reflect the low number of tests being administered.

Netanyahu and Gantz said forming unity government; Blue and White collapses Likud incumbent will hand over to Blue and White rival in September 2021 under reported deal; angry Lapid heads to opposition; Gantz set to be Knesset speaker till unity pact done.

Tens of Millions of Europeans Have Demonic Views of Israel Tens of millions of European citizens have a demonic view of Israel. This manifests itself in a variety of ways, the most serious of which is comparing Israel’s actions against the Palestinians to those of the Nazis against the Jews.

‘Governments are really scared’: Virus builds back borders that European Union demolished A worsening coronavirus pandemic has driven European leaders to revive border controls within the European Union after three decades of efforts to abolish internal borders within the continent.

EU left Italy ‘practically alone' to fight coronavirus, so Rome looked for help elsewhere, incl Russia – ex-FM Frattini to RT The EU’s initial response to the massive outbreak of coronavirus in Italy was largely “inadequate,” and a lack of European solidarity opened the doors for Russia and China, former Italian Foreign Minister Franco Frattini told RT.

Russian aid to Italy leaves EU exposed Russia’s military planeloads of aid to Italy to combat the spread of coronavirus have exposed the European Union’s failure to provide swift help to a member in crisis and handed President Vladimir Putin a publicity coup at home and abroad.

Trump cabinet Bible teacher blames coronavirus pandemic on God's wrath - Somehow it invilves China, Gay people, and environmentalists RALPH DROLLINGER, a minister who leads a weekly Bible study group for President Donald Trump’s cabinet, released a new interpretation of the coronavirus pandemic this week, arguing that the crisis represents an act of God’s judgment.