Tuesday, October 27, 2015


* Report: Russia strikes rebels near Israeli border - Iranian news agency claims Russian air force hits jihadist targets close to the Golan Heights, in what would be closest strikes to Israel.

* Iranian general: Israel's collapse may come in less than a quarter of a century - Foreign minister says nuclear agreement to be implemented only on supreme leader’s terms.

* Turkey's Thugocracy - In 1908, the Ottoman Empire, under the new name of The Committee of Union and Progress (CUP), transformed into an autocratic establishment openly threatening its critics, especially journalists.

* "Russian alliance places Israel in peril" - The peril in which Israel has been placed by Russia’s new Middle Eastern alliances was highlighted at a London conference held in the shadow of the UK Parliament.

* Jerusalem mufti: Temple Mount never housed Jewish Temple - Sheikh Muhammad Ahmad Hussein says Al-Aqsa Mosque has been atop disputed holy site "since creation of the world".

* China says US warship's Spratly islands passage "illegal" - Chinese officials have condemned a US ship's passage near disputed islands in the South China Sea as "illegal" and a threat to their country's sovereignty.

Jordan seeking to stream Temple Mount footage on Internet - Senior Jordanian official says surveillance cameras to be installed in ‘days, not weeks,’ and will aim for maximum transparency

* Jordan, PA suspicious of Temple Mount camera deal - Waqf insists cameras must be installed under its own supervision, insisting Israel will use them to 'change status quo' at holy site.

* Palestinian leader warns EU that violence could escalate - Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas has said violence could get worse unless Israel protects Muslim rights and resumes peace talks.

* Expert: Khamenei's letter to Rouhani voids deal - Iran’s Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei published a letter of guidelines for President Hassan Rouhani, adding new conditions for Iran’s execution of the nuclear deal.