Monday, February 17, 2020


From Atop Temple Mount: Hamas Calls on Muslims Worldwide to Assassinate Trump [Watch] Hamas has exerted its presence on the Temple Mount, bearing an implied threat against the President of the United States.

Trump's Middle East Peace Plan: Historic or Disaster? U.S. President Donald Trump's long-awaited Israeli-Palestinian peace plan, released Jan. 28, may appear to try and appease both sides, but it will function as more of a one-state solution in disguise.

Analysis: Do Palestinians even want a state? History says no Taking into account all the peace initiatives proposed to end the conflict between the Jews and the Palestinian Arabs over the last 83 years, we must consider the possibility that the Palestinians - or at least their leaders - do not want to establish their own state.

Nasrallah: Soleimani's death and Trump's plan 'ushered in confrontation' 'All the people of the region will carry a rifle, because this American tyrant has left no room for anyone'.

If Russia can't curb Iran in Syria, the Saudis ask: How can Israel? The Saudi paper Sharq al-Awsat reported on Feb. 15 that the Russians had given up on curbing Iran's military presence in Syria.

'Change course before it's too late': Lavrov calls on Europe to reject false notion of 'Russian threat' in Munich speech NATO's eastward expansion and large-scale drills near Russian borders may lead to unpredictable consequences and it's time for Europe to change course, Russia's FM Sergey Lavrov told the Munich Security Conference.

EU must develop 'appetite for power', Borrell says European Union governments need to be willing to intervene in international crises or risk prolonging paralysis in their foreign policy, the EU's top diplomat said on Sunday.

Europe, Not Doing So Well The growth rate of the eurozone came in at 1.2 percent in 2019 and the European Commission is projecting that growth will drop to 1.1 percent in 2020.

Three scenarios for the battle for Idlib Turkey wants to stop the advance of the regime forces but it cannot risk a confrontation with their main backer, Russia.

Iran Proxy Gives America Countdown to War An Iranian backed militia, Harakat Hezbollah al-Nujaba (Movement of the Party of God's Nobles), threatened America in a tweet featuring a US armored vehicle with a target around it saying "we are closer than you think."