Friday, August 17, 2018


Thousands of Gazans rally near border amid reports of imminent truce  One killed, around 100 said injured in violent clashes with IDF; incendiary balloon sparks fire near kibbutz; defense officials say events are test of Hamas's intent to ensure calm.

ANALYSIS: Long-term Truce Between Hamas and Israel Doomed to Fail After several days of relative quiet in the Gaza belt Israel and the terrorist organization Hamas- via mediation by Egypt, the United Nations, and the United States- are again trying to negotiate a long-term truce which would restore the understandings reached after the 2014 summer-war.

Hezbollah is a terror group. The West needs to wake up Hezbollah's announcement of its impending "victory" in Syria may be a reaction against US sanctions against Iran, but the threat it poses is no less real.

Hezbollah's role evolving in Syria as Assad nears victory As President Bashar al-Assad's regime consolidates its control over much of Syria - appearing ready to launch an offensive against Idlib, the last major insurgency stronghold - observers are wondering what the end to the war will mean for Hezbollah's involvement there in the wake of Assad's seemingly impending victory?

Tel Aviv Diary: Why would Netanyahu increase Israel's defense budget? It has been a beautiful summer in Tel Aviv. As opposed to much of the world, the weather here remained moderate for most of the summer (with typical highs around 85 and lows around 75.)

Former Mossad Chief reveals Revolutionary plan for defeating Hezbollah In his second solo interview, as part of this extended profile by The Jerusalem Post, Pardo elaborated at length about what was an unheard-of idea until this week.

2 million Muslims expected in Mecca this week for increasingly hi-tech hajj Saudi authorities use technology and apps to overcome logistical challenges, helping pilgrims with everything from travel plans to medical care.

The Machiavellian Opponents of the Nation State Law EXECUTIVE SUMMARY: The public debate attending the Nation State Law is a clear indicator of Israel's vibrant democracy and an illustration of the freedom of expression that characterizes the Israeli state of mind.

Abbas says Palestinian flag should not be raised in Tel Aviv Arab and Druze community leaders who met with PA president say he warned waving banner 'antagonizes Jews, does not advance peace'.

Thousands Ask for Forgiveness at Western Wall The Hebrew month of Elul, is one in which the entire Jewish people prepare for the coming High Holy Days.