Friday, December 21, 2012


* Mayan Apocalypse: as it didn't happen Thirteen long Baktuns ago, way back on August 11 3114 BC our time, the world began.

* NATO accuses Syria of continuing to fire Scud-type rockets The Syrian military has continued to fire Scud-type missiles.

* PA Threatens 'Action' Against Israel if Netanyahu Wins The Palestinian Authority is threatening to take action against Israel if Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu wins the elections in January.

* 'O Boycott All ye Faithful': Christmas Exploited to Bash Israel A new report from NGO Monitor reveals that several Christian organizations that support the Palestinian Authority are using Christmas to attack Israel.

* Pope says future of mankind at stake over gay marriage "In the fight for the family, the very notion of being - of what being human really means - is being called into question," the Pope said in Italian during an end-of-year speech.

* Egypt's Christians fear going to polls amid Islamist intimidation campaign A campaign of intimidation by Islamists left most Christians in this southern Egyptian province too afraid to participate in last week's referendum on an Islamist-drafted constitution they deeply oppose.

* Quartet's Blair weighs in on Israeli building plans Quartet Representative Tony Blair on Thursday affirmed his support for recent US and European criticism of Israeli construction plans.

* EU struggling to keep up with Israeli settlement plans EU countries in the UN Security Council have condemned Israel's plan to build in the E1 area.

* Syria's Chemical Weapons Transported Towards Lebanon Syrian President Bashar al-Assad has moved some of his chemical weapons arsenal in the direction of Lebanon.

* J'lem, Cairo hold quiet talks over new Gaza policy Quietly and very much behind the scenes, Israel and Egypt are carrying on discussions in Cairo that could lead to the further easing of restrictions on the Gaza Strip.