Friday, December 05, 2014


Hamas Official Vows to Annihilate 'Brothers of Apes and Pigs' Former Hamas Interior Minister promises to annihilate and destroy the Jews who build "settlements" around Al-Aqsa.

Jordan's king meeting Obama, says Palestinian conflict is still region's "core issue" Abdullah urges Muslim world to counter jihadists, terms battle with IS "a third world war" and a "fight between good and evil".

Expert: US Sanctions Report a Political Ploy Article claiming US looking to take 'active steps' against Israel meant to sway the elections, Strategic Affairs expert tells Arutz Sheva.

Hamas Vows 'Blood-bath' in 'Spontaneous Reaction' to Israel Hamas leader blames Israel for terror, claims Netanyahu's refusal of PA ultimatums is cause of violence.

NASA: 'There's your new spacecraft, America!" NASA's new Orion spacecraft made a "bull's-eye" Pacific splashdown Friday following a dramatic journey 3,604 miles beyond Earth. The achievement opens a new era of human exploration to put people on Mars.

White House will report to Congress on Iran dealings NDAA provision will force the White House to verify Iranian compliance with an interim deal on the nuclear program within 30 days of the bill's passage.

More Americans back US lean toward Israel over Palestinians, survey finds Survey examines American public's attitudes toward Middle East conflict amid recent developments.

France agrees Holocaust SNCF rail payout with US France and the US have agreed a compensation package for Holocaust victims deported by a French rail company during World War Two.

Obama nominates Ashton Carter as new US defence chief US President Barack Obama has nominated former Pentagon official Ashton Carter as new defence secretary.

Netanyahu and a newly right-wing Israel Op-ed: In the last elections, despite Arab Winter instability, the Israeli right contracted. Snap polls suggest it will grow dramatically in elections now set for March. Netanyahu might have no problem building a coalition, but would it be the government he wants and Israel needs?