Thursday, March 20, 2014


As border heats up, reservists train for Syria scenarios IDF reservists trained this week for scenarios they might face in a hypothetical operation in Syria.

Crimea crisis: Merkel warns Russia faces escalating sanctions European Union leaders are gathering in Brussels to discuss their response to the crisis over Crimea.

US, UK military to stage NATO exercises in Ukraine Ukraine will play host, but the US military will call the shots.

Decline of the West: Seven strategic ramifications of Crimea's return to Russia Crimea's March 16, 2014, referendum to join Russia - there were only two options: join now, or join later.

Israel said to be budgeting billions for Iran strike Israel is still preparing for a strike on Iran's nuclear facilities.

Norooz 2014: Dates, Traditions, And History Of The Persian New Year (PHOTOS) The Persian New Year is called Norooz (also Nowruz, Nawroz, among other spellings) and marks the first day of spring.

Nearly half Syria chemical arms removed Almost half of Syria's declared stockpile of chemical weapons has now been removed.

Muslim Rioters Attack MK Feiglin on Temple Mount Two Arab rioters were arrested Thursday for attempting to attack MK Moshe Feiglin.

Australia plane searchers investigate debris A Norwegian ship joined planes from Australia, New Zealand and the US in searching the area 2,500km (1,550 miles) from Perth.

Upon return from US, Abbas vows not to 'capitulate' Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas was met Thursday at his Ramallah compound by hundreds of cheering supporters.