Wednesday, September 04, 2019


Netanyahu's Makes Pilgrimage to Hebron: A Precursor to Reestablishing Davidic Dynasty in Jerusalem On Wednesday, Benjamin Netanyahu will become the first Israeli prime minister to deliver a public address in Hebron to commemorate the 90th anniversary of the 1929 Hebron massacre.

Under pressure from right, Netanyahu to make history in Hebron today Expectations are high for a dramatic announcement on Wednesday, when Benjamin Netanyahu will make Israeli history by becoming the first prime minister to deliver a public address in Hebron.

Rivlin: Jewish Hebron not stumbling bloc to peace He spoke at a conference in the Judean community, in advance of a visit to nearby Hebron to mark the 90th anniversary of the massacre in which 67 Jews were murdered.

Iran gives Europe two more months to save nuclear deal Iran's President Hassan Rouhani gave European powers another two months to save a 2015 nuclear deal on Wednesday, but warned that Tehran was still preparing for further significant breaches of the agreement if diplomatic efforts failed.

Putin's missiles arrive in Turkey as Erdogan defies Trump - shock satellite pictures Vladimir Putin has completed a diplomatic victory over US President Donald Trump, as Russia's sophisticated S-400 anti-aircraft missiles have been pictured in Turkey for the first time - and appear to be fully operational.

Why was Nasrallah let off the hook? The IDF exposed - but did not bomb - the Iranian precise missile plant in LebanonWho decided to let Hizballah get away with a rocket attack on the Israeli military on Sunday, Sept. 1?

Palestinian school curriculum is 'more radical than the curriculum that came before,' research institute says The Palestinian Authority's current school curriculum "is more radical than the curriculum that came before" and "is suffused with ideas of martyrdom [and] Jihad," according to an international monitoring organization.

Boris Johnson challenges Jeremy Corbyn to back October election Boris Johnson will call for a general election on 15 October if Labour and rebel Tories succeed in blocking a no-deal Brexit.

'Chaos unseen since WWII': UK parliament subverts democracy, leaves pre-Brexit Britain ungoverned The Parliament's vote to open debate on a motion blocking a no-deal Brexit leaves the UK in a state of chaos not seen since World War II, former MP George Galloway has told RT.

Islamic State Seizes Gaza-Bound Rocket Shipment Islamic State gunmen in the Sinai Peninsula intercepted a shipment of rockets being smuggled into the Gaza Strip, Palestinian sources told i24News Arabic on Tuesday.