Wednesday, August 13, 2014


Iraq crisis: International boost to arms and aid supply The delivery of arms and aid to Iraq is being stepped up, in an international push to tackle jihadist militants and help those who have fled their advance.

Defense Secretary: 'The World is Exploding All Over' Fresh off a trip to India and Australia, Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel addressed a group of Marines in San Diego, California Tuesday, and may have delivered a line that will show up in Republican campaign ads this election cycle.

Netanyahu: UN committee should look to ISIS, Hamas for war crimes PM says United Nations commission probing Gaza op has "nothing to look for" in Israel.

Amidror: Reoccupation of Gaza "only military way" to stop rockets BESA head Inbar: Another option is to take out Hamas's military leadership, which "might be best, even if costly."

Knesset Committee: Everyone who wants to must be able to pray on Temple Mount Deputy Jerusalem District police commander says Jews will be allowed to visit the Temple Mount in upcoming months, but there are public safety considerations.

Ebola outbreak: Kenya at high risk, warns WHO The World Health Organization (WHO) has classified Kenya as a "high-risk" country for the spread of the deadly Ebola virus.

Iraq: Islamic State leaves behind fear and humiliation in Kurdish settlement Dispatch: Ruth Sherlock reports from Mahmour, a mixed Kurdish settlement west of Erbil, which jihadists fled from after US air strikes.

Iran's New Gay Executions Conservatives may be the ones voicing the loudest outrage at the hanging of two gay Iranian men- but not because they've suddenly become supporters of LGBT human rights.

Watch: Muslims Force Closure of Temple Mount for Jews Watch harrowing video of raucous Muslim mob pursuing three Jews, day before Knesset Committee discusses status quo.

EU countries give France green light to arm Iraqi Kurds EU countries have moved a step closer to sending arms to Iraqi Kurds to help them fight the Islamic State (IS).