Monday, May 04, 2020


Emergency Request Submitted to Allow Jews to Return to the Temple Mount Attorney Itamar Ben Gvir submitted an emergency request on behalf of Jewish/Israeli Temple Mount activists Arnon Segal and Yehuda Etzion on Monday to Israel's Supreme Court.

Netanyahu fate at stake as coalition deal challenged in top court Israel's top court on Monday heard challenges to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's bid to secure a governing coalition, with opposition figures arguing a deal on a new unity administration would unlawfully shield him in a corruption trial.

Trump's Israeli-Palestinian Peace Plan: Dead on Arrival For critics of the president, the Trump administration's Israeli-Palestinian peace plan was dead long before any deal even materialized.

Putin to Assad: Syria's prime economic assets are Russia's due Moscow has visibly cooled to the Syrian president Bashar Assad after Russian military intervention in 2015 saved his regime from the Syrian revolt.

Top Iran official threatens to destroy Israeli cities amid simmering row with US A former leader of Iran's Revolutionary Guards Corps, Rezaei is believed to be a top adviser to the Ayatollah.

'Wasteful' US and China-chasing India: What 5 biggest military powers are spending more than a TRILLION DOLLARS on Global defense spending saw its largest annual increase in a decade in 2019, proving that the trend for bloated military budgets is here to stay - but expenditure doesn't always correlate simply with power, analysts told RT.

China, Russia Prioritize Own Interests in Friendship with Iran' An expert on international relations says China and Russia give priority to their own interests in their relationship with Iran, and Tehran should not count on them.

ISIS begin new wave of deadly attacks as terrorists exploit coronavirus ISIS terrorists have launched a series of attacks in Syria and Iraq as authorities grapple with the coronavirus pandemic.

Mullahs Threaten Trump with October Surprise "No War on Iran" placards are appearing where "No wars by Iran" would make more sense.

Pandemic Sets the Stage for a Western-Asian Ideological Contest As the shock from the coronavirus pandemic decreases over the coming months, both China and the West are likely to record successes in the economic and political realms.