Monday, December 10, 2012


Hamas TV: Death to the Jews and to America The new Hamas-Fatah unity further exposes the Palestinian Authority's failure to live up to pledges to stop incitement.

Netanyahu blasts international community for staying quiet amid Hamas calls for Israel's destruction PM says 'deafening silence' of European governments and PA President Abbas over Mashaal's comments this weekend is unacceptable; EU does issue statement, soon after PM's critique.

Islamic Jihad threatens to end ceasefire with Israel if leader banned from Gaza Group said to have canceled Ramadan Shalah's visit alongside Hamas leader Mashaal due to Israeli assassination threats

Egypt crisis: Morsi gives army arrest powers before vote Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi has ordered the military to maintain security and protect state institutions in the run-up to a controversial referendum on a new constitution.

FLASHBACK: Where did Saddam's WMD go? To Syria..U.S. intelligence suspects Iraq's weapons of mass destruction have finally been located.

Inside Look at Muslim Brotherhood's Torture Chambers The Muslim Brotherhood replaced Mubarak, but torture chambers remain the same despite the US attempt to make Egypt safe for democracy.

Russian Navy supplies 30,000 nationals in visit to Syrian port The Russian Navy, concerned over the fate of its personnel, has again visited Syria.

U.S. ambassador: "The writing is on the wall" for Syria The United States expected an escalation in the Sunni revolt in Syria.

EU 'Deeply Dismayed' by Israeli Housing Plans The EU is "deeply dismayed" by Israeli housing plans, saying the move threatens peace efforts.

Abbas Warms up to Axis of Evil, Hamas to Celebrate in Shechem Abbas and his Fatah faction move closer to fight hand in hand with Hamas, which will celebrate in Shechem and welcome Fatah in Gaza.