Friday, January 07, 2011


* Analysis: No strike at Iran as Pardo takes Mossad baton Military attack on Iran's nuclear facilities would be counterproductive and would exact an enormous diplomatic, economic and military price.

* EU's Ashton calls for Quartet talks The EU foreign policy chief called on Thursday for the Quartet of Middle East mediators to meet early next month to help Israel and the Palestinians overcome the deadlock in peace talks.

* US defense visit will renew ties with rising China As America's top defense official visits China next week, its growing military capabilities are redrawing the security landscape in Asia.

* Hitler exhibition in Berlin extended due to throngs of visitors Over 915,000 visitors viewed exhibit in 2010, with 28% from Berlin, just under 40% from the rest of Germany and some 32% from abroad.

* Ashton: EU will not check Iran's nuclear sites The European Union will reject Iran's offer to tour its nuclear site.

* Chilean Jews: Gov't has not recognized Palestinian state Chile has not recognized a Palestinian state contrary to recent reports on the Web.

* Security and Defense: Can Damascus be swayed? When Chief of General Staff Lt.-Gen. Gabi Ashkenazi hangs up his uniform next month and vacates his office in the Kirya military headquarters.

* U.S. denies Turkey's request for combat UAVs The United States has banned a range of advanced weapons for export to Turkey.

* 'The Best Youth': 300 Start IAF Pilots Course The Air Force welcomed this week its largest group of pilot course cadets in five years.

* PA seeks UN vote next week on resolution condemning West Bank settlements The Palestinians are hoping for a vote next week on a UN resolution demanding that Israel stop all settlement activities immediately.