Friday, March 18, 2016


* 'Apartheid Week' really does threaten Israel, some experts warn  Going against prevailing wisdom, pro-Israel voices sound the alarm on Students for Justice in Palestine's flagship project, saying the annual campus onslaught fuels attacks on Jewish students, erodes support for Israel. 

Top Israeli general: 'Expect problems' so long as Erdogan in power  In unusually candid remarks, Deputy Chief of Staff Yair Golan dismisses prospects of reconciliation, calls Turkey 'a problematic entity'. 

The failed effort to halt Palestinian incitement  Analysis: Israel tried and failed to interfere with Hamas TV's signal and is now focusing on social media; we can certainly expect this violence to continue for many months. 

America's European shield  A rare inside look at US forces leading multi-nation drills, as they prepare for the possibility of a fierce air war in European skies. 

Putin visits Crimea to mark 2 years since annexation  President Vladimir Putin heads to Crimea Friday as Russia marks two years since annexing the peninsula from Ukraine in a move that dramatically impacted its ties with the West. 

Amid Russia's withdrawal, ISIS announces the killing of Russian military adviser in Syria  The ISIS announcement came shortly after Russian President Vladimir Putin declared Monday that Russia will start withdrawing a main part of its forces in Syria. 

Migrant crisis: Turkey and EU reach deal on returns  European Union leaders and Turkey have finalised a deal to try to halt the mass movement of migrants into Europe. 

Kurds: One people across four countries  Kurds declare a federal region in Syria raising an uproar - but who are they? Meet a scattered people with tense relations in host states. 

Will there be animal sacrifices in the Third Temple?  This week's Torah portion: What will the offerings in the Third Temple look like? 

Purim in the shadow of terror  Holiday celebrations in Jerusalem and Tel Aviv to continue as planned, with police preparing reinforcements and the Economy Ministry campaigning against firecrackers that could cause false terror reports.