Tuesday, May 05, 2020


14 pro-Iranian militiamen killed in airstrikes in Syria Israel 'likely' behind airstrikes on pro-Iranian militias in Syria, observer group says, after 14 fighters killed in strikes.

Defense officials: Iran pulling out of Syria as Israel pummels its forces there Amid increased reports of IDF strikes on Tehran-linked bases, security officials say Israel wants to make clear to Damascus that Iran is a burden, not an ally.

Why We Should Care About Islamic State Now (They Are on the Rise Again) In the shadow of the coronavirus pandemic the crises of tomorrow can fester. A resurgence of Islamic State (IS) is likely to be one of them.

Putin's Religious Soft Power Hits Jerusalem The recent "backpacker deal," the Crimean Peninsula annexation, and Russia's Sochi Olympic Games are all examples of Vladimir Putin's global "smart power" strategy, which combines soft and hard power.

Western Wall reopens for prayer Following easing of restrictions on public prayer, Western Wall reopens. Plaza will be divided into small prayer sections.

20-Year-Old Prophecy of War Between China and America Igniting WW3 Begins to Take Shape As the pandemic that began in Wuhan ravages the world, tensions between the U.S. and China are flaring up, being manifested even in the military realms to a worrying degree as Chinese warships engage their American counterparts and U.S. bombers patrol the skies of Asia.

International Outrage Over Denmark's Fake Bible: Time to Discard It This misleads the reader twice. Once, the Danish Bible Society statement dodges the truthful assessment that the word "Israel" was omitted or replaced in the Hebrew Bible in 9% of its occurrences and in the New Testament nearly completely.

50% Increase in Jews Worldwide Looking to Emigrate Home to Israel The amount of Jews from the US and Canada that filed applications to immigrate to Israel during April increased by 50% compared with the same month last year according to Nefesh B'Nefesh.

'We'll never allow a missionary channel to broadcast in Israel' Communications Minister and cable broadcasting authority vow to investigate new Christian TV channel over concerns of missionary activity.

Pope Benedict 'doing absolute best to sabotage Francis' amid gay marriage-Antichrist row POPE BENEDICT has been accused of "doing his absolute best to sabotage Francis" after his shocking comments linking gay marriage to the Antichrist were exposed in a bombshell new book.