Saturday, August 08, 2020


Jordan reiterates to Israel: Al-Aqsa is a place for Muslim worship only The ministry's spokesperson Deifallah al-Fayez condemned the "continued Israeli violations."

How Iran and Hezbollah trapped Israel into staring down 150,000 rockets on its border that it can only counter at a terrible cost The Israeli Defense Forces this week moved specialized military units to its northern border to reinforce its increasingly tense outposts along the borders with Lebanon and Syria.

Nasrallah threatens to blow up Israel with same chemicals as Beirut blast Hezbollah also sought to import ammonium nitrate via Syria through influence in Lebanon’s agriculture ministry.

Nasrallah: We know more about Haifa Port than Beirut Port He also said that "any claims that Hezbollah runs Beirut Port are lies."

Lebanon explosion raises fears of similar danger in Haifa ‘right next to our bedrooms,’ research center says “The incident in Lebanon illustrates the danger of a concentration of hazardous materials near a dense population,” said the Haifa Environmental Research Center.

Israel minister to i24NEWS: 'We will take over Gaza again' In an exclusive interview, Tzachi Hanegbi claims Israel will need to reinvade the Strip and take control.

Will Brexit Change the European Union? An Atlantic Council of some sort might need to be created, involving the United States, the UK, and the EU, for discussion of political, foreign policy, economic, and regulatory matters that are outside the scope of NATO.

Turkey’s neo-Ottoman reach could soon nettle China Turkish President Erdogan’s Central Asia ambitions threaten to collide with China in a sensitive region at a sensitive time.

Habithonistim: 'Strong EU-Israel relationship critical for Israel's long-term security' Pro-Israel organization pens letter to European Union, emphasizing importance of Trump peace plan and strong EU-Israel relationship.

Report: New US sanctions show ISIS cash flow still running through Turkey 'Various jihadist groups have exploited Turkey’s permissive environment'.

Battleground Africa: The Muslim Brotherhood’s Next Frontier For the Muslim Brotherhood, the Libyan conflict is an opportunity to flex its muscles in the “weak link” of the Arab Muslim world.