Monday, February 22, 2016


Syria conflict: US-Russia brokered truce 'to start at weekend'  A ceasefire in Syria agreed by Russia and the US is scheduled to come into effect at midnight on 27 February, a draft of the plan reveals. 

Russian Defense Minister delivers 'special message' to Rouhani  Russia's Defense Minister visits Tehran amid continued reports of military deals between the two countires. 

Palestinians: Kerry and the Game of Obfuscation  U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry is back in town. 

Next school year to be 'Year of Jerusalem Unity', Bennett declares  Amid a wave of terror attacks in Israel's capital, education minister announces expanded curriculum emphasizing the importance of an undivided Jerusalem and its heritage 50 years after the city's reunification. 

* 'Juniper Cobra 16' military exercise begins  Joint ballistic missile exercise involving US European Command and IDF commences. 

Battle of the Bible: Knesset members stand divided on origin of the Jews  "Sorry for the triviality, but shouldn't the Education Minister know that according to the Torah, we came here from Egypt?" asked Stav Shafir. 

Battle shapes up over site where Napoleon and Saladin fought  Druze are concerned plans for a new town may upset Palestinians, while others argue it could harm a nearby national park. 

Egypt tightens security coordination with Hezbollah amid Syrian civil war  Hezbollah delegation visits Cairo as both parties seek to prevent the conflict in Lebanon between Hezbollah and the pro-Saudi establishment from deteriorating into a proxy-war. 

Canadian PM: 'Islam is compatible with secular West'  In two separate TV interviews, Trudeau insists that Islam is 'not incompatible with free and open Western societies.' 

Cameron set for EU showdown with MPs  British prime minister David Cameron will make his case for the UK to stay in the European Union on Monday (22 February) after London mayor Boris Johnson announced over the weekend that he would be campaigning to quit the 28-member bloc.