Wednesday, October 31, 2018


Israeli Official: Jewish State Continues to Strike in Syria Ynetnews reports: Israel has carried out attacks in Syria since the accidental shooting down of a Russian surveillance plane last month, a senior Israeli official said on Monday.

Exclusive: PA signs secret inspections deal with U.N. Nuclear Agency IAEA inspectors have the right to visit every part of the "Palestinian state" and check the safety of radioactive materials, including uranium, which are currently being used for peaceful purposes.

New Palestinian "Concern" for International Conventions While Hamas has been violating international laws by denying visits or any communication with the Israelis it holds captive, Palestinian terrorists in Israeli prisons continue to enjoy basic rights, including meeting with an attorney, receiving medical treatment, religious rights, basic living conditions (such as hot water, showers and sanitation), proper ventilation and electric infrastructure.

US Mid East forces brace for trouble from Iran over impending oil sanctions The threat of a forceful Iranian response to the US embargo on its oil sales, which goes into effect on Nov. 5 ,was contained in Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammed Javad Zarif's remark on Tuesday, Oct. 30.

Pittsburgh Massacre is Splitting the Jewish World Following the massacre of 11 Jews, and only Jews, at a synagogue in Pittsburgh, the local chapter of Bend the Arc, "the only national Jewish organization focused exclusively on progressive social change in the US," published an open letter telling President Trump that he is not welcome in the city.

Syria's National Museum reopens as government claims 'Damascus has recovered' Syria's National Museum has reopened in Damascus in the country's latest step towards normality.

In EU, there's an East-West divide over religious minorities, gay marriage, national identity For most of its first half-century, the European Union consisted almost entirely of countries from Western Europe, such as France, Italy and Belgium.

End of Oslo? PA passes motion suspending Israel cooperation PA body passes motion suspending all agreements with Israel until it recognizes Palestinian state built on 1967 borders.

In Europe, synagogues are fortresses. Is this the path for the US? A multilayered defensive doctrine - with armed guards, sterile areas and panic rooms - is the norm in Europe; after Pittsburgh, experts see US congregations heading the same way.

Herd mentality: Golan Heights cowboys form cooperative for top-quality beef Cattle need a calm life for tender beef. But for the ranchers contending with lack of demand for local product, it's not so easy.