Monday, March 26, 2018


Third Temple Alert: Police Authorize Passover Sacrifice Next to Temple Mount Religious Jewish factions say they are moving ever closer to the realization of the Third Temple in Jerusalem.

ANALYSIS: How Turkey is working to restore the Ottoman Empire The Turks have conquered Afrin, in Syria, from the Kurds. Erdogan, working to restore the Ottoman empire, is going on to Manbij and Iraq.

Israelis warned against traveling to Turkey, Egypt and Jordan Counter-Terrorism Bureau issued updated travel warnings ahead of the Passover holiday.

Spy poisoning: Russian diplomats expelled across US and Europe The United States and its European allies are expelling dozens of Russian diplomats in a co-ordinated response to the poisoning of a former Russian spy in the UK.

Russia says US attack on Damascus imminent, deploys jamming systems to Syria Russia is claiming for the past ten days that the Trump administration is about to attack Syria because of the Assad army's use of chemical poisons in East Ghouta.

'Freedom Coins' From First Jewish Revolt Against Rome Discovered in Temple Mount Cave Bronze coins, the last remnants of a four-year Jewish revolt against the Roman Empire, were found near the Temple Mount in Jerusalem.

The Most Interesting Aspect of Israel Admitting it Bombed Syria's Nuclear Reactor Israel last week publicly acknowledged that in 2007, it bombed Syria's nascent nuclear reactor before it could go online.

'Even UNESCO cannot change our history in Jerusalem' President Rivlin tells French Foreign Minister that Israel mourns victims of Friday terror attack, including heroic policeman.

As Barkat bows out, at least 10 possible contenders for Jerusalem mayor Field of contenders includes former candidate Moshe Lion, ultra-Orthodox council members, and secular rising star, but a probable run by a Likud minister could shake things up.

Iran Army Chief Highlights Popular Support for Sacred Defense Goals The Iranian nation's allegiance to the Islamic Revolution's goals and legacy of devotion left by the Sacred Defense would guarantee defeat of the US and termination of the Israeli regime in less than 25 years, Iran's Army chief said.