Monday, June 22, 2015


Iraq tops 'most dangerous' place in world list Iraq is the most dangerous place in the world for civilians to live, according to new figures from the UK based monitoring group Action on Armed Violence (AOAV). Syria, Gaza, Nigeria and Pakistan round out the top five.

Netanyahu Warns Jewish World: The Threat is Growing Iran deal gets 'worse every day' and nuclear armed Iran greatest threat to Jewish people, Netanyahu warns in speech.

NATO plans 40,000-strong rapid response force in E. Europe NATO's rapid response Spearhead Force in Europe might reach 40,000 troops, a tenfold growth from the initial 4,000-strong force deployed last year, the military alliance's chief said. Most of these troops will be stationed near Russian borders.

Iran's Parliament Approves Imposing Conditions on Nuclear Talks Iran's parliament overwhelmingly approves bill that bar UN inspectors from military sites, undermining talks with the West.

Urthecast video cameras to circle globe Canadian group Urthecast plans to put a 16-satellite constellation in orbit to image the Earth.

UNHRC: Israelis and Palestinians may have committed "war crimes" in 2014 Gaza war UNHRC commision of inquiry chair says IDF should have changed the way it conducted the war after understanding the level of civilian casualties that were occurring.

Top rebel leader accuses Jews of masterminding Ukrainian revolution Ukraine's Jews are responsible for the Euromaidan revolution that ousted their country's pro-Russian president last year, a senior rebel leader told an audience at a Russian university last week.

Film Responds to UN Report With Facts, Song Film to the tune of John Lennon's 'Imagine' blasts the 'self-righteous hypocrisy' of the global community vis-a-vis Israel.

Hamas rejects war crimes accusations in UN report Islamist organization welcomes UN Human Rights Council report's conclusions that Israel committed war crimes, but denies its own blame.

Chanting "Death to America," Iran MPs vote to bar military inspectors Overwhelming decision in parliament to keep suspect sites closed to nuke probes has yet to be approved by higher Guardian Council.