Wednesday, November 28, 2018


Netanyahu to elite troops: Israel and the IDF are 'best answer to anti-Semitism' Following CNN poll that found rampant anti-Jewish views among Europeans, PM tells army commandos: 'Once they could slaughter us, today we can respond'.

Home Front Commander: 'In next war they won't be drinking coffee in Tel Aviv' Home Front Commander on challenges facing Israel: 'Possibility of fronts in both north and south - we're aware of coordination attempts.'

ANALYSIS: Iran and Israel Preparing for Multi-Front War Iranian leaders stepped up their war of words against Israel and the United States over the weekend while new information shows both the Israel Defense Forces and the Islamic Republic are actively preparing for a multi-front war in Israel.

Watch: Russian Air Force deploys Su-25s and Ka-52s as they seize Ukrainian vessels Russian military forces blocked all passage through the Kerch Strait on Sunday, barring Ukrainian naval forces access to the waterway that connects the Azov Sea with the Black Sea.

4 historic memorial sites to visit in Jerusalem To understand Israel's modern history and experience, you should take a flight to Israel and visit these four memorials.

NASA: Possibility of Cataclysmic Meteor Strike in 2023 The National Aeronautics and Space Association (NASA) announced this week that a large asteroid is on track to cross paths with the earth in 2023 but they say there is little cause for alarm, setting the odds of a cataclysmic collision at one in 30 million.

President Erdogan calls for Muslim unity Speaking at the opening of a conference focused on Islamic economic and commercial co-operation hosted in Istanbul, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan called on Muslims around the world to stand united and overcome a history of division.

After the caliphate: What next for IS? A US-backed alliance of Syrian Kurdish and Arab fighters is closing in on the last pocket of territory in eastern Syria controlled by the jihadist group Islamic State (IS).

Brexit will make UK worse off, government forecasts warn The UK will be poorer economically under any form of Brexit, compared with staying in the EU, new government analysis suggests.

The great Palestinian dream: To liberate "Palestine" from the River to the Sea Palestinian children are still being taught that "Palestine" includes all of Israel. Decades after the Oslo Accords, the PA and Fatah still don't recognize Israel's existence.