Monday, January 28, 2019


Iran wants Russian air defense shield extended to Lebanon to cover Hizballah's precise missiles "There is serious criticism of Russia for deactivating its S-300 air defense missiles when the 'Zionist enemy' strikes from Lebanon," said a senior Iranian lawmaker on Thursday, Jan. 24.

Hezbollah Chief: Our Rockets Will Strike All of Israel Hezbollah Secretary-General Hassan Nasrallah warned Israel against attacking the Iranian-backed terror group, saying that its rockets will reach all of Israel.

Is Trump baiting Iran into an armed confrontation? Analysts warn of heightened probability of conflict with Iran as 'hardliners' take control of Trump's foreign policy.

Why Iraq is starting to normalise ties with Israel The Iraqi government has surprised everyone by warming up to the idea of a friendship with Israel.

Message From the Sanhedrin on International Holocaust Remembrance Day The nascent Sanhedrin issued a statement regarding International Holocaust Remembrance Day, calling on the nations of the world to replace the world's worst advocate of anti-Semitism: the United Nations.

Kid on school trip unearths Second Temple-era coin in West Bank stream 2,000-year-old artifact found in Shilo stream is from the rule of Herod Agrippa, the last king of Judea and grandson of Herod the Great.

Iran's strategy is to annihilate Israel if they 'do anything that leads to war' - top general The second-in-command of the elite Revolutionary Guard Corps fired off a chilling threat, saying Iran will wipe Israel off the map if it starts a war, and the Israelis won't even be able to bury their dead.

Iran, Hizballah, Hamas use threats of escalation to meddle in Israel's election Hamas bulldozers leveled Gaza border ground, Nasrallah brandished his missiles, Palestinian extremists clashed with settlers and Iran switched to the "offensive," as Israel's April 9 election campaign got underway.

Hezbollah Still Plans to Invade Galilee, While Israel Looks to Boot Iran From Syria A regional war pitting Israel against Iran has never appeared more likely.

Ignorance about the Holocaust is growing Ignorance about the Holocaust is growing, particularly among young people.