Wednesday, December 05, 2018


Conference Paves Way for Jewish-Christian Cooperation on Temple Mount The first Temple Jerusalem Convention took place at the Menachem Begin Heritage Center on Wednesday, aimed toward educating Christians about the relevance of the Jewish Temples to their belief.

Hezbollah's plan to conquer the Galilee The terror organization's leader Nasrallah has spoken about seizing the Israeli Galilee long before the IDF launched Operation Northern Shield on Tuesday.

ANALYSIS: How Israel and the US are Working to Contain Iran On Tuesday morning, the Israel Defense Forces launched operation 'Northern Shield' on the Israeli side of the border with Lebanon.

Can Hezbollah and Israel afford to go to war again? Israel's latest operation has led to rumours of another war, but outside of rhetoric, it doesn't look like either side is ready to stomach such a conflict.

Will a Jewish-Christian Conference About the Temple Mount Set off WWIII? A conference on Wednesday brought together religious Jews and Christians to discuss a topic that had never before been addressed in a multi-faith forum: the past and the future of the Temple Mount as it related to their respective religions.

Hizballah seizes control of information on the IDF operation against its tunnels On Wednesday, Dec. 5 - Day 2 of IDF's Operation Northern Shield - Hizballah propagandists released a video showing the IDF uncovering a second assault tunnel, after 24 hours of "no comment" on the operation. It was shown as running up to the Western Galilee Moshav Zar'it.

The Russian-Israeli Crisis over Syria Lacks an Exit Strategy Israeli and Russian interests in Syria are colliding. Russia's new posture is challenging Israel's defensive campaign against Iran, and Moscow and Jerusalem have so far been unable to defuse the crisis.

Caroline Glick: Israel and the U.S. Have Common Interests in the Middle East Some Israelis were concerned when they read President Donald Trump's recent statements to the media about the reasons for his support of Saudi Arabia.

7 Pieces of Fake News About the Latest U.S. Climate Report Bjorn Lomborg is an environmentalist who believes in Climate Change. But he is not an alarmist. Because of that, he is one of the few worth taking seriously.

Newly discovered caves may hold more Dead Sea Scrolls Though no new manuscripts found so far, archaeologists are hopeful after unearthing objects at Qumran used in the storage of ancient scripts.