Wednesday, April 17, 2013


* Boston Marathon bombing: FBI reveals pressure cooker clues Bombs that targeted the Boston Marathon on Monday may have been packed in pressure cookers.

* Jihad Terror Group Claims 'Credit' for Eilat Rocket Attack A Salafi Muslim jihadist group has claimed responsibility for Wednesday morning's rocket attack on the Israeli Red Sea resort city of Eilat.

* Video: IDF Prepares for Urban Warfare A new video from the IDF spokesperson's office shows soldiers training to fight in an urban environment. Robots help to defend against bombs.

* Turkey's Dep. PM Hopes to Restore Full Ties with Israel Turkey's Deputy Prime Minister Bulent Arinc is set to lead the negotiating team in talks with Israel next week.

* Ya'alon: Israel may have to face Iran threat alone Israel must prepare for the possibility of striking Iran's nuclear program on its own.

* Senate declares support for Israel against Iranian threat The Senate Foreign Relations Committee adopted Senate Resolution 65 on Tuesday, declaring bi-partisan support for Israel.

* Netanyahu among dignitaries at Thatcher funeral Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu and his wife Sara joined a host of British and international dignitaries in London.

* Vandalism, fasting mark Palestinian 'Prisoner Day' "Prisoner Day," an annual commemoration of Palestinian prisoners, who currently number 4,800, was held on Wednesday, with Israeli security forces on standby for possible protests.

* Envelope tests positive for ricin at Washington mail facility An envelope that tested positive for the deadly poison ricin was intercepted Tuesday afternoon at the U.S. Capitol's off-site mail facility in Washington.

* How an unwieldy romantic poem and a Romanian folk song combined to produce 'Hatikva' Romanian oxen and a chronic alcoholic are not the likeliest progenitors of the Israeli national anthem. But that's "Hatikva" for you.