Friday, October 18, 2013


Why Israel Can't Trust UN for Protection The Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs (JCPA) has produced and published a historical/topographic video.

Thousands of Morsi supporters march across Egypt Thousands of supporters of Egypt's deposed President Mohamed Morsi protested in Cairo.

Pentagon to sell bunker busters, cruise missiles to Gulf monarchies in $11bn deal The Pentagon plans to sell $10.8 billion worth of advanced weaponry to Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates.

Syrian Observatory: Syrian conflict death toll rises to 115,000 A report released by the British-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights at the beginning of October tallied the overall death toll.

Saudis turn to Russia to launch its satellites Saudi Arabia has contracted Russia to launch satellites of the Gulf Cooperation Council kingdom.

Protect Christians and Jews, says major Catholic-Jewish conference A major conference between the Catholic Church and leading Jewish representatives in Madrid called Thursday for both communities to support efforts at ending anti-Christian persecution.

Israel mulls destroying missiles transferred from Syria to Hezbollah in Lebanon Israel has information on the location of long-range missiles transferred from Syria to Hezbollah in Lebanon.

Merkel urges Netanyahu to restrain settlement construction German Chancellor Angela Merkel called on Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu to slow down settlement construction.

Saudi Arabia turns down UN Security Council seat The Saudi foreign ministry said the UN needs to be reformed first.

As U.S. averts default, Japan and China brace for next dollar drama Deal or no deal, the U.S. Congress' dance with default impressed policymakers and investors in China and Japan.