Monday, June 15, 2015


US, China strike deal, set to hold joint military drills The US and China have signed a rare agreement to strengthen ties and develop a more productive military relationship.

Prophetic Dreams in Service to the New Antisemitism Antisemitism can no longer be regarded as just another topic among many, a matter of personal preference, as it were. Nor is it really my shtick, but what is going on simply canĂ¢€™t be brushed aside.

Analysis: Iran's war on Christians casts doubt on nuclear agreement The list of question marks regarding the Iranian regime's empty guarantees of human rights progress continues to balloon.

US to Put Heavy Weaponry in Eastern Europe in 'Policy Shift' As Putin pounces on Obama's limp foreign policy, US ups the ante with proposal for massive deployment in former Soviet-dependent states.

Watch: Israel gets 'animated' about Gaza war coverage Foreign Ministry takes a stab at the international media's coverage of the Palestinian enclave in a satirical, animated video

Sexual frustration pushing young Muslims in UK to join ISIS, new film suggests Director Deeyah Khan's film, Exposure: Jihad, features interviews with young Muslims who have been drawn in by jihadi groups such as ISIS.

Iranian cleric: Obama wants nuclear deal in order to become 'the hero of America' Amad Khatami claims if nuclear deal does not pass, Obama will fall into crisis.

Saudi Arabia executes 100th prisoner in 6 months Saudi Arabia has beheaded a Syrian drug trafficker, rocketing the number of this year's executions in the Kingdom to 100. This figure is already more than the 87 sentenced and put to death in the country during the whole of last year.

Greece talks collapse, as clock ticks to default Greek bailouts talks collapsed on Sunday evening (14 June) over what the EU Commission said was "a significant gap" between the Greek government and its creditors.

Orthodox Union Endorses Campaign for Jewish Temple Mount Rights One of the largest Orthodox Jewish organizations in North America throws its weight behind Temple Institute campaign.