Wednesday, June 09, 2010


* 'Turkish gov't backed extremists' A report released this week by the Intelligence and Terrorism Information Center (ITIC) said new details have emerged which show how approximately 40 operatives from the Turkish Islamist IHH organization carefully prepared a violent ambush.

* Yahoo! and Apple Divide Jerusalem on iPhone Internet giant Yahoo! and the Apple computer firm have apparently decided to pre-empt those pesky Israel-Palestinian Authority negotiations.

* All Aboard: Muslim Clerics Organize Flotilla to Gaza The idea of flotillas to Gaza is catching on.

* Blair: 'I am 100% on Israel's side' Israel has the right to protect itself, former British prime minister Tony Blair said in an interview with Channel 10 on Tuesday.

* US Defense Secretary Gates blames EU for Turkey 'drift' Turkey's growing hostility to Israel may have been partly caused by its effective rejection by the European Union, the US defence secretary says.

* UN votes for new sanctions on Iran over nuclear issue The UN Security Council has voted in favour of fresh sanctions against Iran over its nuclear program.

* Lion's Den: Islamist Turkey overreaches As typical Islamist-leftist theater to delegitimize Israel, late May's Turkishsponsored "Free Gaza" flotilla was tediously repetitious.

* American Jihadists Use New Weapon: Response Fatigue Jihadists in the United States are encouraging the use of a new weapon, the FBI warns: "Response fatigue."

* Barack Obama says situation in Gaza is 'unsustainable' US President Barack Obama has said the situation in Gaza is "unsustainable" and promised millions of dollars in new aid for the territory.

* Civilian toll of Iranian raids in northern Iraq enrages Kurds Outrage is growing in Iraq's northern Kurdish territories over renewed Iranian air and artillery strikes against Kurdish rebels in the remote Qandil Mountains.